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Without an eBay login you will be unable to purchase one of the donated boats, jetskis and personal watercraft. The donated boats are sold through our store, proceeds are used to fund our outreach programs.

We distribute children's Sunday School materials, and have translated them into over thirty languages worldwide.

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Our boats are sold online via eBay auction that is limited to buyers who have a current eBay and PayPal account.

PayPal will normally require bank or credit card verification but without linking your eBay and PayPal accounts together you will not be able to bid on items within our eBay Store.

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Fill out our online form for New Bidders, this will give you several other payment methods in case you do not wish to use PayPal.

You will be permitted to make a direct deposit at any Bank of America branch, send a wire transfer or a Cashier Check or Postal Money Order for your winning bid.

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Sail into the Sunset.

The average price of a new boat is around $25,000. The biggest advantage the buyer of a charity boat enjoys is the price. Boat Angel does its best to provide accurate information and current pictures of the boats. We'll let you know what type of documentation we have on the boat so you can easily transfer it in your state.

Overlooking the ocean into the sunset over the bow of a well-loved rustic sailboat.

The bidding is done in increments. Most of our boats start at a relatively low threshold, around ten dollars, and bidders drive them up over a seven to ten day period. The last bidder wins. Remember, you are responsible for your bids.

You are expected to pickup your item within seven days of the successful bidding. We will disclose the pickup location to the winning bidder immediately after the financial transaction has been completed. We have a seven-day return policy for misrepresentation.

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Today is the day that you can afford the boat you've always wanted. Take a look at our inventory of donated boats and compare just how affordable one of our boats can be. As they say, you do have to be in it, to win it, so get in there and place your bid on the boat of your dreams today!

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Have an Extra Boat?
We've got you covered.

If you'd like to donate a boat or any type of watercraft to Boat Angel™, we can help with that. Just click the button below or call us Toll-Free at 800-700-2628 and we'll help you donate your boat today!

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Well-loved boat docked alongside a pier at sunset.