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Welcome to Charity Boat Sales. Donated Boats for Sale.
and boat donations for sale at our used boat auction.

Here you will find many boats available for immediate purchase. Here is where you can buy donated boats at 1/2 appraised value or less. We receive donations from all over the nation for our partner charities..

Call us Today at (480) 834-4191



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Used Boats, Buy Donated Boats, yacht auction, Charity Boats for sale


Recently SOLD Donated BOATS


23' Paceship Sailboat

20' Signet Sailboat


27' Silverton Sedan Bridge Powerboat

42' ChrisCraft Constellation 1959

24' Bayliner 1988


1999 Aquasport 165 striper 42' Trojan Powerboat 37' Ulrichsen Cabin Cruiser 1970
30' Scottin 1978
90 hp diesel inboard RUNS!
21' Bayliner 1987
single I/O Ford 225hp, runs good
1979 30' Scarab Sport
e w/ twin 1998 200hp Mercury outboards (400 hrs)
25' Seidelmann Sailboat

 27' O'day Sailboat 1973

40' Owens “Tahitian” Motor Yacht

30' Sea Ray 1978


 30' SunRunner 1988
Ultra 301
44' Pacemaker Yacht 1965
Recently reworked interior,
twin inboard Chrysler 440's
57' Carrie Craft House Boat 1980 Tartan 30' Sailboat
gas Atomic 4 inboard runs good.
incl. all sails-good shape-in bags
Hull in good shape 5' draft
25 Coronado Sloop Sailboat 1969
26' Chris Craft Scorpion speed boat Twin 260 HP Mercruisers appraised Nov 22 at $8,150 1985 35' Custom
 Made Sloop
25' Coronado Sailboat 1967 1985 Racing/Cruising Sloop
1969 / 2003 233 Formula
new 365hp Merc.
loaded w options
21'  Cobalt 1989- 2 owners only
well cared for. never seen salt water 
kept carefully stored in dry dock.
seats 8 or 9, nice CD stereo
25' Bayliner 1979 Bayliner 26_sunbridge
1988 Bayliner 28_sunbridge

Charity boats for sale often in the following states:
Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Maine, South Carolina, West Virginia, Maryland, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware, Rhode Island, District of Columbia, Hawaii,Texas, California, New Mexico Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Oregon, Michigan, Minnesota, Utah, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, Washington, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Missouri, Florida, Wisconsin, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, New York, North Carolina, Arkansas, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Ohio

And now Presenting

an opportunity to buy used boats cheap

often in The Following Cities: 

Saginaw Warren Duluth Hennepin Minneapolis St. Paul Jackson Natchez Kansas City Platte St. Joseph St. Louis Lincoln Omaha Douglas Clark Las Vegas Concord Dover Manchester Bexley Nashua Portsmouth Bayonne Camden Elizabeth Hoboken Bergen Jersey City Newark New Brunswick Passaic Paterson Trenton Albuquerque Albany Auburn Binghamton Brooklyn Buffalo Cohoes Elmira Hudson Lockport Newburgh New York City Oswego Poughkeepsie Rochester Minnetonka Beach City Woodland City Sunfish Lake City Schenectady Syracuse Troy Utica West Westchester Williamsburg Kings Yonkers Charlotte Fayetteville Greensboro New Bern Raleigh Wilmington Akron Canton Chillicothe Cincinnati Cleveland Columbus Mecklenburg Shaker Heights Dayton Springfield Steubenville Toledo Youngstown Zanesville Oklahoma City Tulsa Portland Allegheny Allentown Altoona Carlisle Easton Erie Harrisburg Johnstown Kensington Lancaster Moyamensing Cuyahoga Franklin Hamilton Multnomah Northern Liberties Allegheny Westmoreland Philadelphia Pittsburgh Pottsville Reading Scranton Southwark Spring Garden Wilkes-Barre Williamsport York Cumberland Newport North Providence Pawtucket Providence Warwick Charleston Columbia Shelby Davidson Chattanooga Knoxville Memphis Nashville Amarillo Arlington Austin. Corpus Christi Dallas El Paso Fort Worth Galveston Bexar Garland Houston Lubbock San Antonio Salt Lake City Park City Alexandria Arlington Fredericksburg Fairfax City Falls Church Norfolk Virginia Beach Lynchburg Norfolk Petersburg Portsmouth Richmond Virginia Beach Wheeling King Pierce Seattle Spokane Tacoma Wheeling Madison Madison Milwaukee Newark Wilmington Newark Wilmington Dover Chester Westchester Woodtown Sicklerville  Drexel Hill Upper Darby Lincoln Salem Centerville Millville Denton Seabrook  Bridgeton  Odessa Medford Delta Voorhees Lawnside Fallston West Berlin Stratford Cochranville Pine Hill Egg Harbor Township Cambridge Turnersville Blackwood Hammonton Essex Woodbury Somers Point oxford Kennett Square Chester Havertown Paoli Jenkintown Norristown Broomall Glenside Gwynedd Wynote Birmingham Jefferson Columbus Decatur Madison Mobile Montgomery Shelby Tuscaloosa Anchorage Borough Maricopa Chandler Sedona Scottsdale Mesa Phoenix Tucson Little Rock Alameda Orange Anaheim Bakersfield Berkeley Carmel Fremont Fresno Glendale Huntington Beach Long Beach Los Angeles Palo Alto North Hollywood Beverly Hills Bel Air Rancho Santa Fe San Fernando Valley Palm Springs Laguna Beach San Gabriel Valley Fountain hills Pasadena Del Mar Encinitas Malibu Thousand Oaks Oakland Laguna Beach Montecito Riverside Sacramento Irvine Santa Clara San Mateo San Diego San Francisco San Jose Santa Ana Stockton Newport beach Redondo Beach Manhattan Beach Hermosa Beach El Segundo Sunnydale Torrance Rancho Palos Verdes Rolling Hills Estates San Pedro Aurora Colorado Springs Cherry Creek Jefferson Denver Fairfield Bridgeport Hartford Stamford Danbury Waterbury Middletown New Haven New London Norwich Waterbury Wilmington Alexandria Georgetown Greenwich Washington West Palm Beach Naples Martin Sarasota Collier Indian River St. Johns Monroe Pinellas Broward Manatee Boca Raton Fort Lauderdale Hialeah Cherry Creek Jacksonville Miami St. Petersburg Tampa DeKalb Cobb Atlanta Augusta Columbus Savannah Honolulu Ada Boise Cook DuPage Lake Marion Chicago East St. Louis Peoria Quincy Polk Rockford Springfield Johnson Sedgwick Evansville Fort Wayne Gary Indianapolis Madison New Albany South Bend Terre Haute Burlington Davenport Des Moines Dubuque Jefferson Sioux City Kansas City Leavenworth Topeka Wichita Covington Lexington Louisville Newport Baton Rouge Lafayette Metairie New Orleans Shreveport Augusta Bangor Bath Gardiner Prince George's Middlesex Essex Portland Annapolis Baltimore Harvard Frederick Hagerstown Andover Ann Arbor Barnstable Beverly Boston Brockton Cambridge Charlestown Chelsea New Bedford Macomb Newburyport Plymouth Roxbury Salem Somerville Springfield Taunton Worcester Bay City Detroit Flint Grand Rapids

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